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Beehive Transmedia Incubator is a platform where industry experts, professionals, freelancers, and industry collaborators get together to produce excellent, creative productions. We do not limit our production team to full-time talents within the company but instead push the boundaries by working with other like-minded creative individuals to produce creative productions that can potentially be marketed regionally and distributed beyond Singapore’s shores.

With our industry collaborators, Beehive also spearheads the Startup Accelerator Programme, which dedicates to groom and mentor promising start-ups and entrepreneurs with a keen interest in the field to succeed and achieve their business dreams. Beehive supports them with a cash investment, technical support and facilities, office space, intensive mentoring, and access to potential early-stage investors and partners.


After this 16 weeks internship, there are many skills that I have learnt. Not only skills, but I think I have also learnt some values about myself. I am more confident and more responsible in handling different situations. I also meet new people and learn that everyone has their own different way of working. We need to adapt and always be positive in whatever we do.

I am indeed thankful to RETA Transmedia for giving me the opportunity to be in this team. Not everyone will have the opportunity to work in this company. Like what Ms Rita always says, “Do more than expected out of you,” a lesson that I will always remember.

Muhammad Azri Bin Juma’at

Assistant Production Coordinator

It has been an amazing 16 weeks journey in RETA Transmedia Storytelling. It was a good experience as a trooper here (In RETA, interns are known as troopers), being able to be a sponge and absorb as many knowledge as I can. There were so many things that I learnt here.

RETA Transmedia has given me such a wonderful learning experience for the past 16 weeks. This experience has taught me that I have to anticipate and whenever you get scolded, it is work and not personal. We must take it positively and with an open heart to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistake again but yet make sure that we keep improving ourselves.

Muhammad Ammar bin Johari

Junior Camera Assistant / Designer

I would like to express gratitude to RETA Transmedia for taking me under their wing, with patience and tremendous generosity. It has been a memorable journey. I am thankful for their belief and faith in my capabilities and potential, thus allowing me to have first-hand experience in a transmedia company. I came into the company with limited knowledge and skills still untapped, but with their support, and sometimes tough love, I leave the company as a better equipped individual who is ready to take on the working world with a new-found confidence.

I would like to especially thank Ms Rita, the CEO of RETA Transmedia, for giving me opportunities, which sometimes even I believed were beyond my expertise. I understand now that with every additional responsibility she entrusted me with, I was able to discover my true potential and what I was truly capable of. Next, I would like to thank my supervisors. They worked with me closely, personally nurturing me through countless lessons and experiences that I will never forget (even if I wanted to). There is also no forgetting my fellow “troopers” (the special nickname RETA gives all interns), who experienced the joys and miseries with me. This internship would never be the same without them.

Rosalehin Bin Rosli

Junior Editor / Production Assistant

The #3Shades
The #3Shades' last day with us
The lovely thank you card from our MGS troopers, Eunice and Vanya

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Here at Beehive Transmedia Incubator, we believe strongly in the power of working together with youths to bring out their fullest potential.

We love to collaborate with likeminded fellows, so leave us a message if you think we can partner up and create change in their worlds!

You can also find us doing what we love best at Blk 79, JTC Launchpad @ one-north, Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-08 Singapore 139955.

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